Rethinking and Reshapingthe EU’s Democracy Supportin Its Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods

SHAPEDEM-EU commences its Gender Equality Fellowships

Within the work package "Academic Synthesis & Policy Review" (WP7), the coordinating institution Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen is offering six one-month residencies for civil society representatives related to Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Tunisia, Palestine, and Lebanon.

The objective of the Gender Equality Fellowships is to improve the flow of information between Brussels-based institutions and local civil societies on gender-related democracy support practices. This aim would be reached by amplifying the voices of civil society representatives, providing safe environments & forums of open exchange with EU actors and allowing for greater representation in SHAPEDEM-EU’s research activities.

The consortium's selection criteria comprise relevant experience in civil societies related to gender equality in one or more of the indicated six countries, alongside relevant professional or academic experience related to gender equality as well as a specific motivation and personal objectives associated with the fellowship. Liliia Antoniuk and Lilit Hakobyan have already started their fellowships; read more about their profile here.

The fellows are involved in the consortium’s overall flow of information and events, and we are all very keen on receiving their insights.

Calls for applications related to Palestine and Lebanon are currently open and online.