Rethinking and Reshapingthe EU’s Democracy Supportin Its Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods


SHAPEDEM-EU is a multi-national and multifaceted research consortium of twelve academic, think tank and civil society institutions based in Europe and the Southern and Eastern neighbourhoods. This EU-funded project sets out to rethink, reshape and review the Union’s democracy support policies in its Neighbourhood countries. Through its research, SHAPEDEM-EU aims to increase the EU’s accountability, transparency, effectiveness and trustworthiness and to make Neighbourhood countries more resilient, equitable and responsive to the needs of their local populations.

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Our Research Objectives

Conceptual Groundwork

To (re)conceptualise democracy and democracy support as social practices. This process will provide concepts for the elaboration of an innovative Democracy Learning Loop applied throughout the project.

Empirical Mapping

To comprehensively analyse democracy support and contestation practices in the EU's Neighbourhoods.

Actionable Policy Advice

To foster action by synthesising results and developing workable policy recommendations to encourage a more effective EU democracy support toolkit.

36 months of duration
2.7 MIL € Budget
12 Partners from 10 countries

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