Rethinking and Reshapingthe EU’s Democracy Supportin Its Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods

SHAPEDEM-EU in ECPR Joint Workshop Session with Sister Projects

SHAPEDEM-EU joined its Horizon sister projects EMBRACE and REDEMOS in a joint workshop session of the European Consortium for Political Research in Lüneburg, Germany 25-28 March.

The workshop, titled “Supporting and Promoting Democracy in the European Union’s Neighbourhood“, welcomed contributions from project partners, including Prof Dr Andrea Gawrich’s co-authored paper with Lea Konrad on “Gender Equality, Democracy Support and Security in the EU’s neighbourhood policies”, Prof Gawrich’s co-authored paper with Murad Nasibov, “EU-Energy Policy with the EU’s Neighbourhood. An obstacle to democratic practices between the EU and the EaP countries?” as well as Dr Jan Grzymski’s presentation of a paper titled, “Changing patterns of contestation of democracy support in the EU. Comparative analysis of EU member states’ practices in EU democracy support”, co-authored with Małgorzata Maria Fijał, Magdalena Gora, Volodymyr Posviatenko, Ewa Szczepankiewicz, Katarzyna Zielinska and Marcin Zubek.

In addition to discussions on SHAPEDEM-EU’s submissions, the participants engaged in lively exchanges on the interim results of the three sister projects and the outlook for EU democracy support in the Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods.