Rethinking and Reshapingthe EU’s Democracy Supportin Its Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods

Case Studies

SHAPEDEM-EU maps particularities in how, why and for which purposes the EU practices democracy support in both Neighbourhoods. It further analyses the involvement of key EU Member States and external non-EU actors.

SHAPEDEM-EU’s case countries were selected via a “most similar systems” design and include a broader stocktaking in the two Neighbourhoods: the Eastern Neighbourhood covering Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia; and the Southern Neighbourhood including Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia.

In all six countries examined, SHAPEDEM-EU studies local democratic dynamics, EU democracy support practices and their impact on local democratic practices or practices of contestation. These case countries enable the consortium to inquire into diverse EU practices in light of democratic politics and to understand how these affect local politics and interactions with Member States and external actors.