Rethinking and Reshapingthe EU’s Democracy Supportin Its Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods
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Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) is a research centre that, through excellence and relevance, seeks to analyse the global issues that affect political, social and governance dynamics, from the international to the local. As a recognised independent institution with a long history, CIDOB pursues excellence and rigour in its analysis, publications and projects. It aims to be a useful tool for society, to ensure open access to knowledge and to promote the study of the international issues that affect citizens' daily lives. CIDOB seeks relevance and social impact for its research and attends to public institutions’ needs and requests for international information, aiming to influence decision-making processes and provide alternative visions.

CIDOB also promotes innovation in the analysis of global politics, with the aim of transcending classical international relations structures and considering the growing impact of global phenomena on local realities. Innovation in research also involves opening up new lines of research to keep pace with current social transformations. CIDOB also seeks to mobilise a large number of social actors, to reach new audiences and to network with public institutions and civil society. Its objective is to continue being a leading European and international centre for the study of global politics, as well as a meeting point and window to the world.

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Moussa Bourekba

Research Fellow

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Carme Colomina
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Inés Arco Escriche

Role within SHAPEDEM-EU

In the framework of SHAPEDEM-EU, CIDOB is involved in most research work. It will cover conceptual issues related to democracy and autocracy support and carry out empirical research on the role of the EU, Spain and several non-EU external actors in the Southern and Eastern Neighborhoods.

CIDOB is also leading Work Package 6 focusing on the role of non-EU external actors in both EU neighbourhoods. CIDOB research team will also provide its expertise for the data visualisation which will eventually help to summarise the main findings arising from different work packages.

Our vision for SHAPEDEM-EU

As a Barcelona-based think tank devoted to the analysis of international relations, CIDOB takes part in this exciting project to bring its relevant geographic and thematic expertise to rethink EU’s democracy support policies in Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods with a view to offer new perspectives and policy tools to improve EU practises in the region.

- from Moussa Bourekba